Midnight Ultra

Midnight Ultra was a one-month experiment in making a simple, linear FPS that morphed into a two-month trial by fire for the Forward Instinct team to release by Halloween, that became a fully developed and released game with its own DLC and soundtrack on Steam and itch.io.

DAEMON: The Documentary

Revisiting the DAEMON project a year later, 30+ hours of game footage and recorded interviews were cut into a 2 hour film summarizing the genesis of the idea, the playing of the game, and the aftermath among the creators and players of DAEMON. Shipped out on VHS and DVD, featuring brand-new glitch art.

DAEMON: Augmented Reality Game

An ambitious, 3-day-straight cyberpunk ARG played by 100+ players in Savannah, GA. The project combined live-action combat using Nerf blasters with Augmented Reality, scavenger hunts, VHS tapes, crime scene investigations, and glitch art/new media art that was successfully funded via Kickstarter.