I am a game developer and interactive designer who loves to learn and work in a variety of areas, whether they're mobile, desktop, or physical spaces. I take pride in the variety of skills I have to offer, in wearing multiple hats, and I always take pleasure in picking up and learning about new skills and tools.

I also enjoy putting together teams, recruiting talent, and leading projects. I love the challenge of solving difficult and complex problems for others. All of my work centers around this, and if I don't feel challenged, I don't feel like I'm working hard enough.

My most recent work has been venturing into the field of Augmented Reality design through DAEMON, but I also most enjoy creating multiplayer experiences for others to enjoy. In addition to that, I have a love for 80s and retrowave music, glitch and new media art, retro industrial design, and hacking together various projects and hardware in pursuit of pushing the limits of games as a medium.