Designer and Developer

DAEMON Augmented Reality

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DAEMON was a squad-based Live Action Role Playing Game, designed over the course of a year, scheduled for release on SCAD Savannah Campus April 2016. Content for Daemon is both Live Action, web-based, and video-based. Daemon was successfully funded on Kickstarter on April 13th, 2016.

Gameplay is centered around squads of 5-10 players, who compete with one another and are led through combat scenarios by a "Decker" player on their team, who uses Google Cardboard to solve Augmented Reality puzzles placed in the environment of the SCAD dorms. Players fight one another using foam-dart based blasters.

Besides that, Daemon was also a gallery show, held at Sulfur Studios on April 17th, with over 100 submissions from 20+ local and international artists.

I served as producer, lead designer, and lead programmer on this project. I was responsible for the Augmented Reality, general design direction, and programming and maintaining the website (using PHP, the Facebook PHP SDK, and HTML/CSS/JS). The DAEMON AR app was deployed to Android, built using Unity 5, the Google Cardboard Unity SDK, and the Vuforia Augmented Reality Unity SDK.

While I plan on documenting the design process in further detail, for now we have recaps of each mission, as well as the rules and teaser trailers. I lead overall design, which included player classes, weapon unlocks, and the overall structure of how we structured missions and how we presented the narrative arc. Individual mission design was then delegated to volunteering team members while I worked on AR for all the missions and overall design. I also designed Mission 5.

While the game has been completed, we are still in the process of documenting the game, processing hundreds of hours of footage, photographs, and more as we prepare to compile a documentary of the game.You can learn more about it at