Designer and Developer


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Humans Versus Zombies is a Live Action Role Playing Game, where a team of Humans fight a team of Zombies using, typically, Nerf-style foam dart blasters. Essentially, it is a large game of tag, with Zombies trying to two-hand-tag Humans to turn them into Zombies, and Humans shooting Zombies with Nerf Darts to stun them and prevent themselves from being tagged. To coerce these sides into interacting, often gameplay involves story driven missions.

Scad has a particularly unique brand of HvZ, which I led development of for a year. Due to the unique layout of campus, SCAD HvZ is more story driven and hosts unique Day and Night missions to drive player turnout.

One of my largest projects to date, SCAD Humans VS Zombies demands a year long development cycle from three separate teams. I was the leader of the Gameplay team, which dictates the overall direction and major design decisions for that year (2015). SCAD HvZ is enjoyed over the course of five straight 18-hour days, by a population of 200-300 players. Planning, practice, and good design with several failsafes in place are key to running a good game each year.

I have written a comprehensive 35-page postmortem that discusses the amount of time and work spent making this game. You can read over some selected pages from it here.

Selected photos by Jon Springs and Melissa Brown.