Designer and Developer

UGA Vet School

In the summer of 2015, I was hired by the University of Georgia's Veterinary Education Resource Center to assist them with education application development in Unity 5. I was employed by UGA from June through August of 2015, and worked on three separate education applications intended for middle school and college students.

The first was centered on teaching college students how blood sugar worked in lab rats, seen with the Red UI. I also designed and animated the UI, besides programming this app. The video shown is a prototype, as the app was not completed by the team I was on before I left.

The second was a iPad/iPhone-based app that taught college students the complete anatomy of a horse's leg, showing the muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and bone structures, seen with the Blue UI. I was purely responsible for the UI for this app.

The last was a simple augmented reality app for middle-schoolers that helped advertise UGA's Vet program (not pictured). This helped lay the foundation in learning to use Vuforia for my other projects.

My duties included programming in C#, augmented reality work in Vuforia, UI design and animation in After Effects, and modeling using Blender 3D.