Midnight Ultra

Midnight Ultra


From the Steam Store page:

In the American Southwest, a lone witch hunter travels across the desert, seeking to wipe out cultists of all sorts. Fight a variety of goons and ghouls, through small towns to dimension-spanning motels. Inspired by DOOM, Quake, and action games of yore, blast your way through a neon-dripped, pixelated nightmare in this high-speed, high-thrills FPS.

"A gorgeous FPS that blurs a Hotline Miami palette with a grindhouse art style, a Quake-in-CGA aesthetic and a general vibe of lucid divebar nightmare, this was one that made me sit up and pay attention from the very first frame... The enemies are nasty in all the right ways, the weapons are straight out of some forgotten b-movie and the music sounds like that nightmare sex room out the back of the Roadhouse bar in Twin Peaks... Genuinely, this feels both like a lost early 90s treasure and a real 2017 original."

- Alec Meer, Rock Paper Shotgun

Midnight Ultra was a one-month experiment in making a simple, linear FPS that morphed into a two-month trial by fire for the Forward Instinct team to release by Halloween, that became a fully developed and released game with its own DLC and soundtrack on Steam and itch.io.

I was responsible for:

  • Programming the entire game
  • Designing the core mechanics and enemies
  • Art direction
  • Animating events and bosses using Unity's keyframe animator
  • Modeling and texturing all the characters and props
  • Designing half of the game's main levels and DLC levels
  • Created the game's journals using a mixture of analog glitch art and simple Adobe Premiere titles
  • Created the second, "Devil's Path" DLC Trailer
  • Created the main logo and DLC Logos

Additionally, I created this final cutscene for the DLC using my Tachyons+ glitch video processor and stock footage. This closes out Midnight Ultra's story on an ambiguous note:

DAEMON: The Documentary

DAEMON: The Documentary